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The Characters


Daisy is a spunky, eternally optimistic beautician who is fleeing from violence in Honduras that started when her brother was kidnapped and murdered. When faced with new threats, Daisy response is to leave. She hopes the trek will bring her closer to her estranged 12-year old daughter Daniela, who was raised by Daisy's parents and who Daisy barely knows. The trek marks the first time that mother and daughter spend any time together.



In 2018, Dennis, a physical education student, took to the streets in protest after the Nicaraguan government cut social security benefits for senior citizens. He, along with thousands of other students were met with government violence and the conflict turned bloody: more than 300 were killed and more than 2,000 injured during protests. Hundreds were jailed and fearing the worst, Dennis is forced to leave -  making a difficult sacrifice. 

Cindy, a hard-working, tender-hearted, and strong-willed 24-year-old single mom, comes from a difficult upbringing. Like many women in Honduras, she comes from a history of abandonment and abuse, but she is fiercely determined to give her 8-month-old baby and 4-year-old son the loving family she never had. After witnessing a murder in her hometown, she was forced to flee with her two young children, holding onto strong faith that God has something better in store for them.

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